Ceremonial Hall

Bright room with space for about 100 people.
Here we have enough space for round tables as well as other table arrangements.
The room can be divided into a small and a store hall. In the small hall there is space for 30 people
The small hall can also be used for buffet tables, as a welcome hall, for coffee tables and the like in connection with a party in the store hall

The restaurant

Our restaurant can also be used for smaller companies.
The restaurant consist of 3 parts – “Jægerstuen” (hunter room), “the middle room” and the “Krostuen”.
The hunter room is for about 18-22 persons.
There can be about 13 people in the middle living room at a long table og 16 people at 4 small tables
The Jægerstuen and the middle room can be combined, so there’s enough space for 35 people where the “Krostuen” usually is used as extra space for gift table, buffet table, children’s table and the like.