The hosts

An inn – and especially in West Jutland – has long been our common dream, so we were not slow to pull up our stakes and take the trip from Randers to Ho.

Ho is a place of tranquility and with plenty of time to enjoy nature, and we like it this way. It harmonizes with one of our mottos: quality above quantity.

Mads Uhre Schmidt is the man juggling pots and pans in “Ho Kro”. He was born in 1979 in Kvong, a small town north of Varde. Mads has been an apprentice at “Kryb-i-ly Kro” in Taulov between Kolding and Fredericia, and after 4 years, passed with bronze in October 2003. After completing his apprenticeship Mads became a chef at the Danish-owned hotel “L’Herpie” in Alpine d’Huez, France.

After half a year Mads was back in Denmark as head chef at “Mephistopheles” in Aarhus. Here he worked under star chef Lars Kyllesbech, who has also run restaurant “Knudedyb” in Vejers. After a hectic year, he went on to “Malling Kro” south of Aarhus, where Mads worked for 2 years. From there he went to “Fladbro Inn” in Randers as a chef, and then it was 9 months until Mads lit the stove in the kitchen at “Ho Kro”.

When he does leave the kitchen, it’s mostly to enjoy a ride on his motorcycle.

Christina Pagaard Thomsen is the other half of the inn owners and hosts. Christina was born in Skjern in 1983, and therefore has her feet firmly planted in the West Jutland soil.

Christina was an apprentice chef at “Madsen’s Hotel” in Bjerringbro and later at “Cafe Viggo” in Aarhus. She finished her apprenticeship at Esbjerg Technical College with high remarks. She did one year as a cook at the cafe in Aarhus, before she continued to the restaurant “Patrice” in Åbyhøj. Then it was time to try to stand on the other side of the counter. Christina got an apprenticeship as a server at “Fladbro Kro” in Randers. These were two very challenging year, as “Fladbro Kro” contains both a gourmet restaurant, but also has room for up to 5 private parties at a time. This time the exam was held in Aalborg, where Christina earned excellent grades to achieve the rare silver certificate in spring 2008.

After a few months as a server at the inn in Randers, the possibility of a lease at “Ho Kro” showed up.

Her spare time is preferably spent on walks along with the inn mascot Harley.